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Space Engineering Services

KESE is dedicated to space development and is well connected with the space community. We can help you with prototype development; feasibility studies; business plans; grant writing; marketing plans; and government contracts. See example below:

KESE is looking to develop funding for Space Projects such as:

  • Asteroid Mining:  KESE LLC is currently developing a simple automated asteroid mining system called CORNUCOPIA, designed to go out to one of the Near-Earth-Asteroid (NEA) and extract several tons of asteroid regolith for returning to Earth and Low Earth Orbit (LEO):  Asteroid regolith contains approximately 20% of water, and up to 70% of metallic compounds (including platinum-group metals (PGMs) and gold) that can be used in space to build space structural components needed for space habitats and space exploration vehicles to be built in LEO.  Once completed, these can then easily be de-orbited and sent out into deep-space or moved out to remain stationary  at Lagrange points.  KESE plans to set up a permanent presence in LEO with habitat and manufacturing complex made from Bigelow-type habitats configured to provide both zero-g and near-Earth gravity environments.  This will open space to profitable commercial exploitation, and has been dubbed “The start of the new Gold Rush”.