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Engineering Services

KESE offers a number of general engineering services including assistance with prototype design; feasibiity studies; business plans; marketing plans; and development planning tools. Let us know your needs and we can help tailor to your requirements. Examples below:

1. We offer developmental planning for governments; developers; and other businesses. By combining two powerful software programs, arcGIS10 and Nvivo 9 we can provide a thorough understanding of a geographic area in order to minimize the unknowns in decision making. The first, Geographical Information Systems provides detailed information on elevations plus overlays on demographics for rural or urban planning. Nvivo 9 is powerful qualitative sociological software that provides overlays from environmental scanning to include information on politics, economics, sociological factors, transportation, and much more.

2. 3D Design & Printing

KESE currently has 3D Design and Printing Services, and will provide Proposals for your individual Projects upon demand.

3D Printing services include:

  • Scaled building models for private and commercial structures
  • Fast reproduction of unique plastic parts
  • Special Projects:  Upon request

For more information please call 703-728-6482.